Cruelty-free Products                      As consumers, it could be said that we have a responsibility to try and shop as ethically as possible. For some people, this may mean buying fair trade products. For others, it might be buying British-only brands. But for many people, buying cruelty-free products that have been developed and produced without testing on animals is of utmost importance.
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine                                                        A Washington DC based foundation dedicated to reducing, preventing and curing diseases using plant based nutrition. This foundation also promotes non-animal research and their web site is loaded with useful tools for activists.
Saving Lives, Spay by Spay                                            "We saw the suffering of animals in the greater Manchester area and knew that through education and a little hard work, we could help to make their futures just a little bit brighter."
Give Us Shelter                                            A privately funded, grassroots effort to improve the lives of our canine friends by raising public awareness and changing New Hampshire's laws.